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The Kite Show Episode 5

In episode 5 the Brits highlighted what they believe were the ten best web videos of 2011. That’s not all, crammed in too are Shinn’s Piglet, Youri Zoon and Keahi De Aboitiz tell them about …


Waters in Motion

Waters in Motion is a black and white kitesurfing video shot in Denmark.

Video and rights to all images by: Peter Heine Bech.
Music by Sonic Adventure Project (Thomas Viehboeck, Peter Koellerer).
Starmill Records, Austria.


Kite Junkies

Maui Mini Movie Presents: Kite Junkies. First ever kite comedy featuring some of Maui’s best riders and most interesting characters. All- star riders Shawn Richman and Ryan Toaspern lead the way. Introducing Nathan Morrissey as …

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