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“ALEGRÍA Y SAL” is a short movie from an amazing trip to Venezuela. It’s all about having fun with friends in a paradise called Los Roques. Take a break and enjoy pure fun! Starring: Jerome Cloetens, Val Garat, Alex Pastor, Rita Arnaus, Therese Tabbel and Louka Pitot. Music: La tarde se ha puesto triste/ DR KUCHO! Wooho / HOSH SOLOMUN EDIT Man on the moon / KLANGKUENSTLER Anemone /Slenderbodies


2 days in Turkey

After the world kite championships in Akyaka, Jerome Cloetens enjoyed two more days in Turkey. Watch his short video picturing good times at this amazing kitespot! Filmed and edited by Caglar Malli Music: Sidan Archieves – Come Meh Way II French 79 – Between the Button


Welcome To The Other Side.

Noè Font, Jerome Cloetens and Stefan Spiessberger explain why they do what they do, why they travel, why they kite and why they live. This film shot in Australia materializes all that! Watch the boys demonstrating why being a kiter today is the greatest thing ever. A film by Noè Font & Jerome Cloetens. Music by The Knife – A Cherry On Top, Minuet 3 Volume 1, Fire – Barnes Courtney and Suicide – Sweetheart.


Training in Brazil 2015

It’s that time of the year where every top riders headed to Brazil. Watch some hard training sessions in Cauipe lagoon, Cumbuco. Featuring Anthar Racca, Jerome Cloetens, Alex Pastor, Carlos Mario, Dioneia Vieira, Bruna Kajiya and Alex Neto.

Keahi de Aboitiz

The Epic Kite Tangle

The boys went out for a normal session in Morocco, when things got a bit interesting. Starring: Nick Jacobsen, Keahi de Aboitiz, David Tonijuan, Carl Ferreira, Alex Pastor and Jerome Cloetens.

Watch and enjoy what it looks like a regular day at the of…



Migration is the brand new video featuring Jerome Cloetens. According to Oxford dictionary migration is a seasonal movement of animals from one region to another. And just as a wild bird Jerome travels to Brazil …

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