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JP-Australia Products Wingfoiling

NP & JP Collection Video 2023

NP & JP Collection Video 2023 Experience the ultimate watersports adventure with NeilPryde and JP! In this video, we bring together all of our favorite disciplines, from flat water freeride blasting in South Africa to mind boggling freestyle power tricks to riding the world’s biggest waves at Jaws on Maui, to showcase the unique DNA…


Epic Surf Session At Jaws

Red Bull Young Jaws pits Ian Walsh and a crew of up-and-coming big wave surfers against the world’s most infamous waves and biggest swells to ever hit Hawaii. Paddle out to _ Experience the world of Red Bull like you have never seen it before. With the best action sports clips on the web…

Jason Polakow JP-Australia


March 15th Piahi delivered the best conditions that Jason Polakow scored this winter. One of KA-1111’s best days in Jaws with huge aerials and high speed carving bottom and top turns. The video demonstrates that Jason attacks the lip harder than anyone, sails closer to the critical section of the wave and that he is…



The conditions on Maui were simply great – again. Robby Swift K-89 had some great days especially in Ho’okipa which was exceptionally good for this time of year. Sailing in Lanes was also on Robby’s to-do list, and on top of that Jaws was delivering – again! As you can see in the video Robby…

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