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Next Generation 2017 – San Pere Pescador

Last June, talented young riders joined in Spain at the 2017 Next Generation camp in San Pere Pescador, coached by Etienne Lhôte. Watch the highlights of this intense training week! Riders: Mikaili Sol, Osaia Reding, Javier Jimenez, Sebastian JR Ducos, Malcom Desvaux, Oscar Perrineau, Kimo Verkerk, Maxime Chabloz, Hugo Metton, Luis Fernando, Manoel Soares, Guigui Costa, Théo Fermon. Directed by Jop Heemskerk


Javier Jimenez

Javier Jimenez is a promising young rider from Spain, who is the European Junior Champion 2015. Watch this short clip and enjoy his level and style, at such a young age.

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