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Auto Reply: Bangkok

“Auto Reply” series documents the adventures of Slingshot pro wake team as they travel around the globe visiting some of the most renowned wakeboarding locations, engulfing themselves in the local culture and spreading the word …



Every fall the team heads down to the Philippines to drop off the radar for a bit and focus on reinventing their riding.

Here is the team movie “Unavailable”, which documents the entire experience featuring the …


“Yeah You!” Full Movie

The cameraman and post-producer Jon Vital directed “Yeah You!”, a nice wakeboard movie starring James Windsor, Clement Depremonville, Kaesen Suyderhoud, Daniel Grant, Julian Cohen, Graeme Burres, San Im and many more. It captures “a …


2014 Team Edit

Great edit with the Slingshot Team taking care of business on the 2014 Wake Product, featuring Jeff House, Dylan Miller, Ben Leclair, Corrie Dyer, Brian Reeder, Shredtown, Steffen Vollert, Jeff McKee, Oli Derome and James …


This Time Around

Republ1c Wakepark and CWC are proud to present a new film by Patrick Wieland called “THIS TIME AROUND.”
9 Riders spend 2 weeks in Wakeboarding Paradise. The Philippines plays host to two of the worlds greatest …

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