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Red Bull Battle of the Sund 2016 // Danish domination in kite surf marathon

Danes takes top of the podium at kite surf competition Battle of the Sund. Here are the winners! Hundreds of surfers pumped their kites and dived into the 40km long journey across Öresund and back. Only a few made it trough the incredibly tricky conditions, facing light winds and strong current. The fastest man in the open-class, James Johnsen from Denmark tackled the light winds and blasted over the sund with his foiling board all the way to victory on the incredible time of 1:05:10. The fastest female was Katja Roose from Holland finishing on 1:46:20. “Today everything went good. I was not the first one off in the start but I got a good speed on the downwind towards Flakfortet and managed to pass Peter Müller just after Flakfortet. After that I was able to keep the others behind.” says James Johnsen. The danes were strong today, winning first, second and third place. The 15-year-old talent Oliver Hansen from Holbæk was in the top three all the way from start and ended second. In the twintip class, comprising of the largest part of the contestants, the swede Atte Kappel defended his title from 2014 and took his second victory …

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