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Windsurfing Pacasmayo Peru

#windsurfing #peru Had a great trip to Pacasmayo in Peru for the IWT event and for free-sailing. Scored some great conditions while I was there. The wind is usually very light but the waves can be great when a swell forecast is on. The local ancient civilisation of the area is the Mochica or Moche…


JP team IWT AlohaClassic 2017

The JP team riders in action at the IWT 2017 Aloha Classic: Congratulations to Morgan Noireaux HI-101 for winning the Aloha Classic title again for the 3rd time! Also congratulations to Shawna Cropas coming 4th in the Womens and ‘Z’ Schettewi for finishing on the podium of the Youth division (3rd)! See Morgan ripping together…

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