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Duotone foil Windsurfing

F_PACE CAM 2022 Product Clip

F_PACE CAM – MAXIMUM FOIL PERFORMANCE AND WIND RANGE COMBINED WITH USER-FRIENDLY HANDLING AND ROTATION! Similar to the S_PACE the brand-new F_PACE CAM is directly derived from our WARP racing program. It carries the racing genes of our PWA world champion sail WARP_FOIL for maximum performance, but at the same time the handling is exceptionally…

Starboard SUP

2019 Inflatable Starboard Surf

2019 STARBOARD INFLATABLE SURF SUP – AN INFLATABLE BOARD THAT’S DEDICATED TO SURF PERFORMANCE Surfing real waves on inflatable boards has never been easier. Starboard’s inflatable Surf line with the double chamber is based on our hardboard outlines. 9’5”x32” Surf is based on the 9’5” Wide Point composite. Narrower nose cuts through turns, wide midsection…

Starboard SUP

2019 Hyper Nut Teaser

Hello, 2019. Meet the all-new Hyper Nut. We’re excited to tell that we are only days away from launching our 2019 SUP product range. Here’s a little teaser video from the 2019 Hyper Nut range that you can expect to see more of soon! What’s next? Stay tuned to our Facebook and Instagram accounts to…

Duotone Windsurfing

Duotone Hyper Cam 2.0

The Hyper Cam 2.0 is a completely new, length adjustable camber of windsurfing sails. The camber length can be adjusted with the help of a torx key even under full sail tension. In this video Raoul Joa (Duotone Line- and Product manager Windsurfing) explains Duotone’s new adjustable Hyper Camber 2.0. If this new camber will…

foil Starboard SUP

2021 Hyper Foil by Starboard

The 2021 Hyper Foil by Starboard is here. The Hyper Foil is a dedicated SUP foil board offering maximum performance for foil surf, foil wing and foil downwinding. The combination of a short compact outline, distinct channel bottom and thick profile makes it a platform for entry-level riders learning to foil up to the world’s…

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