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GoPro Mouth Mount by HoStevie

We are used to see surf action from inside the barrel and to achieve that surfers use GoPro Mouth Mounts. GoPro Mouth Mount by HoStevie was one the of the first mouth mounts to appear in the market. We gave it a shot and used the mount for kiteboarding. Using is easy, just attach the GoPro to the mount and your ready to go. The setup up is quite simple and effective. The mount is composed by a soft silicone mouthpiece that keeps your mount secure and comfortable while holding it in your mouth and a band that attaches the mouthpiece to the mount. The mouthpiece also provides a good surface if you want to use the GoPro on you hand. Another nice thing about the HoStevie is that you can customize it. Head to HoStevie website to see all the possible combinations of colors you can get. Now the question that pops is: Is this real useful for kiteboarding? Well we found it very useful. First of all you will have both hands free for using the bar and performing some grabs. Second it gives a great filing perspective, much better than use the GoPro on a helmet on …

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