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Kiteboarding Is Awesome #6

The best videos of Kiteboarding Thanks to the kitesurfers out there, you’re all awesome!!! Best Of Kiteboarding 2017: Kiteboarding is Awesome 2017 #4 : Kiteboarding is Awesome 2017 #3 : Kiteboarding is Awesome 2017 #2 : Kiteboarding is Awesome 2017 #1 : A kiteboarding mix of oldschool, newschool, freestyle, wakestyle, wave…



BEHOLD & SEA is Ewan Jaspan’s new full-length video. Together with Alexander Lewis-Hughes, they put together several clips they filmed in Perth, Melbourne, Cape Hatteras, Squamish, Hood River and Icapui. Sit back, relax and enjoy this impressive kiteboarding movie! Filmed/Edited by Alexander Lewis-Hughes


Hood Tekkers

“Hood Tekkers”, starring Sam Light, pictures a few clips from a fun session at the kite park in Hood River. Watch and enjoy! Filming: Alexander James Lewis-Hughes Music mix: simpson_dnb


Goodbye, Hello

Take a break and watch “Goodbye, Hello”, a kiteboarding film by Noè Font, shot last summer in Hood River. Featuring Craig Cunningham, Noè Font and introducing Xander Raith. Enjoy 5 minutes of pure action and fun!

Karolina Winkowska

2018 Patagonia Hood Jam – Final Results

Brandon Scheid and Karolina Winkowska are the big winners of the 2018 Hood Jam! Check here the final results of this year’s event. Press Release and Final Results: It would be an understatement to say this years Hood Jam event scored epic Kiteboarding conditions. Ian Daly (local rider and judge for the event) said it best, “These are the best conditions I’ve ever seen for an event here”. With great conditions came excellent riding, the level was the highest and tightest in KPL history. NBDs (Never Been Done Tricks) were thrown in both the Mens and Womens competition, whilst the top three Men were separated by a mere point. Guessing the order of the top five in the Mens competition was a hard task but it was clear that Brandon Scheid, Ewan Jaspan and Sam Light all had the overall consistency across features to take a podium spot. Ultimately though it was the hometown hero Scheid who ranked first on four of six features and took out the top spot, Scheid closely followed 0.03 points behind by Jaspan then Light. Scheids local knowledge and ability in the Slider Project park is second to none and it’s no surprise to many …

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