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Duotone Kitesurfing

Out of the Box EP#2

Welcome back to another episode of Out of the Box, a series that follows the Duotone Team riders as the progress through the season on the GKA world tour and everything that happens outside of the box. The life on the world tour had been severely disrupted in the past years by the spread of…

Duotone Kite Kitesurfing

Duotone Dice 2019 Product Clip

Equally at home busting out freestyle moves like Reno Romeu and surfing waves like the World Champion Matchu Lopes, the Dice is a versatile kite that is perfect for the riders who like to mix their disciplines. With an increased radius profile, a slight delta shape and a redesigned, slightly thicker leading edge, the DICE…

Contest GKA Kite World Tour Kite Kitesurfing North

Day 2

Day two of the GKA Freestyle-Kite World Cup in Dunkerque, where the Qatar Airways GKA Kite World Tour is making its first appearance, dawned with a building north-easterly breeze that provided the 24 men and 10 women from 11 nations with the first opportunity to battle it out in the North Sea kickers. After patiently…

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