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Fireball Connection System

Cabrinha introduces Fireball, the first kite connection system purpose built for kitesurfing from the ground up.

Its unique design harnesses the specific forces and movements of kiteboarding, and combines them with ergonomic form factors to create a k…


RE: 2015.9

Patrick Rebstock, Coleman Buckley, Alex Fox and Sam Light enjoy their inaugural sessions on the all new Armor harnesses from Ride Engine. Watch their video shot in California and the Caribbean.


Mystic presents their new Fall/Winter collection: ‘Warmest Winter Ever’

Mystic presents their new Fall/Winter collection ‘Warmest Winter Ever’. The 2016 collection has a new waterwear and apparel range, that will keep you warm in and out of the water. Mystic’s Press Release: The warmest wetsuit of the range is the Legend. It features a unique quick dry lining, which will not only dry faster, but also keep the water out longer and help to maintain your body temperature creating an insulating shell. The Legend wetsuit model comes in both a 6/4/3 and a 5/3 version. The existing Crossfire has had a makeover this year, with an update in the neoprene used, making it super flexible and very comfortable. The 5/3 version is available with a front-zip or a back-zip. Whatever your personal preference is, Mystic has got you covered. This fall Mystic will make sure you look as stylish on the water, as on the shore. With a new range of jackets, you are protected against wind, rain and the cold. The Majestic jacket is a very lightweight jacket made of a water repellant fabric with taped seams inside, ready to conquer the first stormy rainy days this fall. The Discover jacket is there to keep you comfortably warm …


Ride Engine launches wetsuits at Surf Expo

Founded in 2012 in Santa Cruz, watersports accessory brand Ride Engine launches its first full lineups of wetsuits, kiteboarding harnesses and gear/travel bags at the 2015 Surf Expo held in Orlando. Ride Engine’s Press Release: Ride Engine is headlining the launch with a much anticipated release of the kiteboarding industry’s first hard-shell harness, called the Armor, and complete lines of high-end men’s and women’s wetsuits set to launch in early 2016. The Armor harness, which will hit international markets later this month, features a completely unprecedented design that utilizes an integrated hard shell, patented Lumbar Lock technology and a unique sliding rope spreader bar. The result is an ergonomic and form-fitting system that redefines expectations of how a kiteboarding harness should look, feel and function. Three version of the harness will launch this Fall- Hex Series, Team Series and Elite Series- along with metal and carbon sliding rope spreader bars and a fixed hook spreader bar. Ride Engine designed its wetsuit lineup with a scrupulous attention to detail, with the goal of creating a fresh and high-performance alternative to the watered-down global brands that have occupied the market for years. The lineup features a wide spectrum of men’s and women’s …

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