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GKA Kite World Tour Kitesurfing

Big Scores on Day Two!

Judges Are Rewarding Variety The competition is getting serious! We’re now into round four. The wind is strong and competitors are working hard to make it work in these challenging conditions. Those that are able to take advantage of the perfect wave kickers are able to lay down big scores.  Head freestyle judge Álvaro Onieva…

Neil Pryde Windsurfing

NeilPryde Fly 2017

The new Fly is a specialized, down-the-line wave riding sail. The three-batten design makes for the lightest, most neutral sail in our range. It totally de-powers on the wave, allowing you to fully focus on surfing. The new construction and compact design significantly increase sail control in gusty conditions. Pure surf. Source: NeilPryde

Airush Kitesurfing

Airush Session

The Session is supplied with two sets of bridles, which can be interchanged using the same bridle attachment points. For the classic Airush feel of smooth depower and ease of use, the standard pulley bridle is recommended. It gives consistent feedback on the bar throughout the throw and power adjustment range, keeping your backlines tight…

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