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Guilly Brandão Indonesia

Driven by his passion for perfect waves, Guilly Brandão made a trip to the beautiful Indonesia. The spot called Lakey Peak delivered great conditions and Guilly stayed on the water all day long.

Watch Brazilian wave rider scoring some amazing session…



In life of a waterman it is all about riding waves and being on the water, no matter what the conditions are, wind or no wind. Being connected with the ocean and score waves after …


The Mystic Pro: Day 2

Skippers meeting started at 07.30 since the forecast was looking good with a southern wind. Despite of the fact that the wind took some time to build, the contest went on hold. Around 11.30 the …


The Mystic Pro: Day 1

The Mystic Pro Brazil Day 1
The first day of competition promised to be a good day with a forecasted Northeast wind. The swell was already pumping in the morning and stayed on for the rest …

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