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Starboard SUP

2019 Starboard Inflatable Touring

2019 STARBOARD INFLATABLE TOURING SUP – AN EXPLORER’S FAVOURITE TRANSPORTATION A board built to go somewhere – or rather, anywhere. Narrower width is faster to paddle and easier to track in a straight line. Parallel outline recovers stability lost from the standing area and delivers a more balanced glide. The wider tail outline makes it…

Starboard SUP

2019 Starboard Inflatable Yoga

2019 STARBOARD INFLATABLE YOG SUP – TUNE IN TO YOUR BOARD AND BODY Pure bliss in a peaceful place. Take yoga to whatever body of water you want with the inflatable Yoga boards. See Product Page: Locate a Dealer: Key Features for 2019: 5.5″ THICKNESS provides float and stability for all rider weights.…

Starboard SUP

2019 Starboard Inflatable Vision

2019 STARBOARD INFLATABLE VISION SUP – SEE THE OCEAN, SEE THE FUTURE The Vision opens a whole new world. Look beneath the choppy surface of the sea to see fish, coral reefs and more. At 38” wide, it’s extra stable with plenty of volume for a parent to paddle and kids to watch what’s happening…

Starboard SUP

2019 Starboard iGO Inflatable SUP

2019 STARBOARD iGO INFLATABLE SUP – LIGHT, AWESOME AND FUN This fun-first inflatable board has a straight outline, keeping it slim and simple to paddle in a straight line, encouraging more correct paddle technique. You’ll have plenty of stability from the wide tail – you can hop on the tail and kick the board around…

Starboard SUP

2023 Starboard Airline Range — World Championship Winning Inflatable Race

The Airline Construction is Starboard’s patented technology developed for World Championship-winning inflatable race paddleboards. It features a free-flowing aramid cable that locks the board in shape when inflated, creating a solid trustworthy hull sensation. All Star Inflatable: Sprint Inflatable: Junior Racer Inflatable: So how does our Airline Technology work? The patented Airline…

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