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This is Kitesurfing #2

The best videos of Kitesurfing. Thanks to the kitesurfers out there, you’re all awesome!!! A kitesurfing mix of oldschool, newschool, freestyle, wakestyle, wave riding, megaloops, foils, sliders and extrême. #Kitesurf #Kitesurfing #Kiteboarding #Kite #Surf #Extreme #ThisIsKitesurfing #WomenOfKiteboarding #UniversKite #KitesurferInsaneOfficeEscape SUBSCRIBE the Youtube Channel of Univers Kite: Or Follow Univers Kite on for more…


Triple-S Invitational – The Epic Run

Wind Voyager Triple-S Event organizers announce the end of an epic run. Read Real Watersports’ Press bellow: The World is Not Ready… Photo: Toby Bromwich Over the past fourteen years, the Wind Voyager Triple-S Invitational has changed the way we think about kiteboarding and kiteboarding events. Photo: Brian Caserio In 2006, the #WindVoyagerTripleS was the first ever, slider and kicker kiteboarding event. In that year, and in many to follow, the Triple-S crowned champions in surf, slicks and sliders, as well as overall, to define the cutting edge of our sport. There was no prize money. The trophies got left behind. The event was judged by the riders themselves. There were parties in the backyard at “The Slick House”, as well as after hour ragers we really shouldn’t talk about on the internet. Strapless kitesurfing, kite low powered wakestyle and park riding. The Triple-S put these new riding disciplines on the map. Photo: Toby Bromwich Starting in 2012, the Triple-S switched to using judges to score the event and introduced prize money. After achieving our goals of changing the direction of kiteboarding competitions, with many following worldwide, our next goal was to provide substantial prize money. Thanks to the generous …


Cape Hatteras Wave Classic 2019 WINNERS!

Reider Decker and Moona Whyte won the 1st place in this year’s Cape Hatteras Wave Classic. Check here! Men’s Final Results 1. Reider Decker $ 4,000 2. Keahi de Aboitiz $ 2,500 3. Kevin Langeree $ 1,500 Women’s Final Results 1. Moona Whyte $ 4,000 2. Gage Fichter $ 2,500 3. Jessie Kilgor $ 1,500


2018 Cape Hatteras Wave Classic Video Shootout – Winners

Cape Hatteras Wave Classic was not held this year on the Outer Banks of North Carolina due to Hurricane Florence. Organizers have decided to roll the prize purse (equal for Men and Women) into the Cape Hatteras Wave Classic Video Shootout. Here are the winners: WINNERS 1ST PLACE – $4,000 EACH Keahi De Aboitiz Jalou Langeree 2ND PLACE – $2,500 EACH Matchu Lopes Moona Whyte 3RD PLACE – $1,500 EACH Reider Decker Olivia Jenkins


Cape Hatteras Wave Classic Video Shootout

Due to Hurricane Florence, the Cape Hatteras Wave Classic 2018 will not be held this week on the shores of Cape Hatteras. Read here all about it! Press Release: The 2018 Cape Hatteras Wave Classic presented by Patagonia, scheduled for this week on the Outer Banks of North Carolina, was recently derailed by Hurricane Florence. Event organizers and sponsors looked at the option of rescheduling the event later in the fall, but the possibility of lining up permits, event staff, plus a strong contingent of local, national and international competitors, all on a relatively short timeline, didn’t look likely. Rather than postpone the event to September 2019, organizers have decided to roll the prize purse (equal for Men and Women) into the Cape Hatteras Wave Classic Video Shootout. This is an OPEN kitesurfing event, with no entry fee, anyone can enter worldwide. Videos will be judged using same judging criteria as the CHWC: 50% waveriding, 25% tricks, 25% overall impression. Videos must be between two and three minutes long, and submitted between October 1st and November 15th. All video footage must be from the 2018 calendar year. Winners will be announced on December 15th. Even if you have zero clips …

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