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Starboard SUP

Starboard Paddle For Hope Board

Check out the new Starboard Paddle for Hope Board at 11’6 x 29.5″. All Starboard International proceeds are being donated to the Pinc and Steel Trust for improving and helping with Cancer survivor rehabilitation programs. Learn more here: Source: Starboard SUP


LEN10 – Back On Track | On The Fly S1E1

The first episode of Ruben Lenten’s new series called “On The Fly” is out! Follow Ruben as he beats cancer, gets back to doing what he loves and does a road gap on his kiteboard. Stay tuned for more episodes! Music: Slow Roasted – Harp and Drums Mindsnooker – Selbstbedienung Bueutopia – Don’t Go Here and Now – Freestyle Rock and Stone – Universe in Flow Video production by Michael Zomer and Floris Tils Additional footage: Eyeforce Deep Tought Productions LEN10 Home Videos


Ruben Lenten has Cancer

A couple minutes ago Ruben Lenten published a shocking post on his Facebook page. During a trip to San Francisco, Ruben went to the doctor and they diagnosed him with cancer. Read the full statement below. All our thoughts are with Ruben and with his family. Stay strong and all the luck for this battle. Dear brothers and sisters from all around the world, I have some really weird news to share with you. I actually still can’t believe it myself. I have cancer. I can’t tell you what it feels like to say that… For the past couple of months Nikki (my fiancé) and I were prepping for a great adventure together. Our intentions were to hang out in San Francisco, LA and BURNINGMAN to spend some time with old and new friends and get inspired by them and all of our adventures together. We would never have thought that our adventure would be heading in a whole different direction now. The past week I didn’t feel well. I had a really strange pain on the chest and in my throat. Although I thought it could be from my wisdom tooth that was just pulled out, it didn’t feel …

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