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Action Cabrinha Kitesurfing

Introducing the Cabrinha Quest

The Cabrinha Quest- a seafaring expedition to seek out the world’s most remote and dynamic kitesurfing and surfing locations. A quest to experience native cultures in their natural state. To consciously explore the Oceans of the world with passion, integrity, and sensitivity to the cultures and ecosystems we inhabit. To build awareness, global concern, and…


Micronesia Expedition

Reo Stevens, Dan Malloy and Jason Slezak on a sail-powered expedition in Micronesia, whith no lack of wind and waves! From reef pass barrels to flatwater foilboard sessions in shallow lagoons, they had loads of fun. See for yourself!


The Disappearance

Behind the scenes footage of the Chapter One film shot in Fiji. Pete Cabrinha and Keahi de Aboitz board the Cabrinha Quest in the ideal surf destination. With crystal clear water and legendary breaks like Swimming Pools, Restaurants and Cloudbreak, it


Caribbean Quest

This short edit pictures Evan Netsch while hanging out on the Cabrinha Quest boat in the San Blas Islands, a remote archipelago off Panamas east coast.
The archipelago is inhabited by the Kuna Indians. Some …

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