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Katia hits Varberg

The first session when the storm Katia arrived on a point break close to Varberg Sweden. Strapless rider Arild Kristiansen strapped rider Patrik Johansson kites Cabrinha Drifter 5,5.

Camera dude and driver Christoffer Carlsö.

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2012 Cabrinha Drifter

The 2012 Cabrinha Kiteboarding range is almost finished. Check out how the new Cabrinha Drifter, the 3 struts Cabrinha kite, looks like.
The concept of the Cabrinha Drifter is very similar to the Naish Park concept.

The details of the 2012 Cabrinha’s kites and kiteboards range is already know, but we are waiting for some more […]

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