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Starboard SUP

2023 Starboard Airline Range — World Championship Winning Inflatable Race

The Airline Construction is Starboard’s patented technology developed for World Championship-winning inflatable race paddleboards. It features a free-flowing aramid cable that locks the board in shape when inflated, creating a solid trustworthy hull sensation. All Star Inflatable: Sprint Inflatable: Junior Racer Inflatable: So how does our Airline Technology work? The patented Airline…

Starboard SUP

2021 All Star Airline

The All Star Airline is an inflatable paddle board featuring our patented Airline Technology that improves board stiffness at a lightweight, making this board faster than most hard boards. For 2021 we have enhanced the shape and it now shares the outline of our world championship winning All Star hard board design. This is the…

Brasilien Kitesurfing

Taiba Flow

Once the cable season was over in Belgium, it was time to score some quality sessions on a kite again. So last November Axel Tack headed out to Taiba, Brazil, with his two brothers and lifetime friend Sam van Olmen.

Watch Axel having fun riding on the…

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