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King of the Lagoon 2015

On the weekend of June 19-21, 2015, Büsum, situated on the North Sea coast, offered the perfect conditions for the second edition of the King of the Lagoon. With great wind conditions and despite the typical North German weather, the competition was a success. Rick Jensen and Sabrina Lutz were crowned King and Queen of this years event. Watch here some of the highlights of the King of the Lagoon 2015! Camera & Edit: mTwo Photo+Film | Marc Metzler Music: bɹǝq – Mr. Latch King of the Lagoon 2015 1. Rick Jensen 2. Jan Schiegnitz 3. Niels Ippen Queen of the Lagoon 2015 1. Sabrina Lutz 2. Kristin Oja 3. Cosima Sommer Best Trick Contest 1. Mads Wollesen Best Wipe-Out 1. Peer Cipriani Best Slider 1. Frido Schultz Twin Tip Race 1. Emmanuel Norman 2. Ramon Erdmann 3. Thomas Neuy

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