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Core Starboard SUP

2018 Touring and Freeride

FAST, STABLE & SMOOTH. Versatile, practical and expedition-ready: the ultimate adventure board. Fast and stable designs. With great tracking. Shaped thicker. To create more pop and acceleration. Mono Concave bottom. For that light feel through the water. 14’0″ x 30″ TOURING Longest length with the fastest glide and best tracking for riders up to 120…

Starboard SUP

2019 Starboard Ace

2019 STARBOARD ACE – WHERE THERE’S CHOP, YOU NEED POP See Product Page: Locate a Dealer: Key Features for 2019: REFINED NOSE SHAPE – Fuller & boxier nose rails increase stability in side chop. – Limits drag from water wrapping around the nose and pulling the rails, – Provides extra buoyancy upwind and…

Starboard SUP

2020 Starboard All Star ~ New Round Vee with Double

„The new 2020 Starboard All Star is simply the best all-round race board on the market“ ~ World Champion, Michael Booth See Product Page: Locate a Dealer: From progressive level riders to elite racers. The All Star is the world’s most successful, user-friendly and versatile race design. The completely revamped bottom shape accelerates…

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