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2019 Wind Voyager Triple-S Invitational – WINNERS!

Take a look at the final round recap and check the winners of this year’s Wind Voyager Triple-S Invitational. Competition started off with perfect South West wind in the REAL Slick. On day two the wind went North and the world class Water Patrol at REAL Watersports moved the sliders into the perfect position for the changing conditions. Finals day showed up after a lay day with another round of classic South West conditions. The competition was tight and in the end technical slider riding and mega kicker hits took top scores. All the riders in the final through down but after the numbers were tabulated, checked and rechecked, here are the winners of the 2019 Wind Voyager Triple-S Invitational. The World Is Not Ready… Men’s Final Results 1 Brandon Scheid $ 12,000.00 2 Ewan Jaspan $ 7,500.00 3 Christophe Tack $ 5,000.00 4 Ramiro Gallart $ 3,000.00 5 Sam Light $ 2,000.00 6 Alex Maes $ 1,500.00 7 Noe Font $ 1,200.00 8 Eric Rienstra $ 1,000.00 9 Chris Bobryk $ 800.00 10 Aaron Hadlow $ 600.00 11 Jack Rieder $ 500.00 12 Artem Garashchenko $ 400.00 Women’s Final Results 1 Annelous Lammerts $ 12,000.00 2 Karolina Winkowska $ …

Karolina Winkowska

2018 Kite Mansion Open

Brandon Scheid and Karolina Winkowska claimed the 2018 Kite Park League world titles. Take a look at the higlight video of the 2018 Kite Mansion Open finals, during the final stop of the 2018 Kite Park League held in Icapui, Brazil. Edit by Laci Kobulský & Photography by Andre Magarao Official Results: Kite Mansion Open – Men 1st place – Ramiro Gallart 2nd place – Ewan Jaspan 3rd place – Brandon Scheid Kite Mansion Open – Women 1st place – Annelous Lammerts 2nd place – Colleen Carroll 3rd place – Sensi Graves 2018 Kite Park League – Overall Ranking Men 1st place – Brandon Scheid 2nd place – Ewan Jaspan 3rd place – Noè Font 4th place – Alex Maes 5th place – Christophe Tack 2018 Kite Park League – Overall Ranking Women 1st place – Karolina Winkowska 2nd place – Julia Castro 3rd place – Annelous Lammerts 4th place – Colleen Carroll 5th place – Sensi Graves Best line contest 1st place – Alex Maes (22 points) 1st place – Ewan Jaspan (22 points) 3rd place – Noè Font (20,25 points)

Karolina Winkowska

2018 Patagonia Hood Jam – Final Results

Brandon Scheid and Karolina Winkowska are the big winners of the 2018 Hood Jam! Check here the final results of this year’s event. Press Release and Final Results: It would be an understatement to say this years Hood Jam event scored epic Kiteboarding conditions. Ian Daly (local rider and judge for the event) said it best, “These are the best conditions I’ve ever seen for an event here”. With great conditions came excellent riding, the level was the highest and tightest in KPL history. NBDs (Never Been Done Tricks) were thrown in both the Mens and Womens competition, whilst the top three Men were separated by a mere point. Guessing the order of the top five in the Mens competition was a hard task but it was clear that Brandon Scheid, Ewan Jaspan and Sam Light all had the overall consistency across features to take a podium spot. Ultimately though it was the hometown hero Scheid who ranked first on four of six features and took out the top spot, Scheid closely followed 0.03 points behind by Jaspan then Light. Scheids local knowledge and ability in the Slider Project park is second to none and it’s no surprise to many …

Karolina Winkowska Triple-S Invitational

2018 Wind Voyager Triple-S Invitational Champions | Final Results

The 2018 Wind Voyager Triple-S Invitational came to an end. Brandon Scheid and Karolina Winkowska ended up in first place in Cape Hatteras. Watch the video highlight of the last day of competition! The 2018 Wind Voyager Triple-S Invitational was bigger and better than ever, with more riders, bigger bands and bigger parties. Thirty-four of the worlds best wakestyle kiteboarders battled it out for their share of the $50,000 prize purse and claim to everlasting fame on the Wind Voyager Triple-S perpetual trophy. The competition ran on the Wind Voyager Super Kicker, Liquid Force Kites Reverse Rainbow, KOA Resorts Kicker, ION Rooftop, and John Wayne Mega Slider from June 2nd – 8th 2018. After months of pumping southwest, the winds shifted directions and made for challenging competition conditions but the world-class Water Patrol at REAL Watersports had no problem changing features as needed to make the most of each day. We witnessed technical slider riding, stratosphere breaking kicker hits and tight competition strategy in the REAL Slick. Rigging big was the name of the game and riders who prepared nailed their tricks, scored well, and podiumed. The level of professional riding is at an all-time high in 2018 and crowning …

Triple-S Invitational

Wind Voyager Triple-S Post Show Episode 3

Check here the episode 3 of the Wind Voyager Triple-S Post Show. What makes a hit stand out from the rest when the level of riding is sky high? Riders need to lock into presses, maximize spins, and hold grabs as long as possible to make the best impression and attain the highest scores. Brandon Scheid breaks down the Liquid Force Reverse Rainbow, from the nicknames to the type of hits we will see. Brandon shares what makes this feature “Oh so nice”.

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