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Zanzibar – Back Into The Blue

“Back Into The Blue” is a short clip that documents an amazing trip to Zanzibar. Blue lagoons and steady winds make this spot unbeatable. Watch Wojciech Piotrowski and Monika Piotrowska having fun on this beautiful island! Video & Edit: / Wojciech Piotrowsk

Susi Mai

Red Bull Rally dos Ventos 2017 | Highlights

National Park of Lençóis Maranhenses in Brazil was the stage of the second edition of the Red Bull Rally dos Ventos. Alex Neto and Susi Mai were the big winners of the 2017 edition. Check out the highlights of this amazing race that crosses blue lagoons and huge sand dunes in northeastern Brazil. Red Bull Rally dos Ventos 2017 | Top 3 Men 1. Alex Neto 2. Carlos Mário “Bebê” 3. Bruno Elizário Women 1. Susi Mai 2. Maria do Socorro Vasconcelos 3. Alvelina Lameira


Zanzibar – Into The Blue

“Into The Blue” is a short clip that pictures a great kite trip in Zanzibar. Watch Wojciech Piotrowski and Tom Keska riding with perfect conditions at the blue lagoons off the coast of East Africa! video&edit: / Wojciech Piotrowski

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