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Jason Polakow JP-Australia


Jason Polakow states, „I have always wanted to go to Chile as some of the largest swells on the planet hit there. Robby Swift gave me the opportunity to come down and visit his new home in Chile and try to windsurf a iconic big wave surfing spot called Punta De Lobos. The trip was…

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The Waves Are Calling

The Waves Are Calling … #Best of Windsurfing 2021, #4k, #Windsurfing, #tutorial Windsurfing 2021, #top Windsurfing 2021. JP Australia: JP windsurfing boards and sailboards freestyle wave, single thruster, super sport, wave, twinser quad, x-cite ride, funster. Jason Polakow (born 10 November 1971 in Torquay, Victoria) is an Australian professional windsurfer from Victoria. He founded the…

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The Feeling Beauty of Windsurfing

The Feeling Beauty of Windsurfing #Best of Windsurfing 2020, #4k, #Windsurfing, #tutorial Windsurfing 2020, #top Windsurfing 2020. Windsurfing is a form of sailing, where a board is powered across the water by the wind. Windfoiling has taken the windsurfing world by storm and is now is on everybody’s mind. You may have been sceptical about the whole…

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