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Time of the season

“Time of the season” is a mix of old school, freestyle, big airs and loops, starring IlyaJuan Iskhnopulos. It’s pure fun captured through the lens of Konstantin Bobovik. Enjoy! Production: Naoba2 Motion Pictures Camera and vid effects: Konstantin Bobovik Rider and editor: IlyaJuan Iskhnopulos Music: The Zombies – Time of the Season


My First Boosting Session

German rider Benjamin Beholz left home searching for the biggest waves and strongest winds in the Netherlands. Ben had never been much into oldschool and big airs, but during this trip he enjoyed his first boosting session. Check it out!


Go Big…

Tim Gilles, Dylan van der Meij, Yusca Balogh, Bas Meerwijk and Eddy “The Eagle” Lansink in action on a 30+ knots wind day in the UK.

Watch them throwing some huge big-airs, megaloops and old-school fun in the mix.

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