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Hood River Slider Jam 2015

Recap of all the action from Hood River Slider Jam 2015, which took place over last August in Hood River, Oregon. A group of passionate kiteboarders took it upon themselves to create a contest that would have no sponsors or prize money, only glory to t…


The five best tricks from Red Bull King of the Air

From a day of days it was almost impossible to whittle it down to five moves. These got the nod: Below is the breakdown (from the official Red Bull King of the Air rulebook) of what the judges scored on under the two catagories: Extreme Big Air and Overall Impression…According to this, these were your top five best airs of the 2016 event. 30% Height Go as hard and high as possible. The height in combination with extreme moves is priority, but we will also take the horizontal distance travelled in account combined with certain moves (megaloops etc.) 30% Extreme Controlled extreme high moves. Think about extremely powered and or extremely technical, or ultimately a combination of this. (innovate, take risks, high speed in- and out of the trick, wow-factor, loops etc.) 20% Style & execution Smooth landings, no dangling, tweaks, grabs, angle of the kite, ‘perform-a-show’, ‘be in control (throughout the trick)’. 20% Variation Variation within the three best EXTREME BIG AIR moves. Be a ‘complete’ rider, showing the same move or a variation of it on both tacks. Or show that you can perform total different moves on a high level. (megaloops / big air board offs / …


Chris Bobryk // SSS Wild Card

Chris Bobryk presents some of his best tricks in this 2014 Triple S Wildcard video entry.
Filmed in Brazil, Florida and Turks & Caicos.

Shot by: Ryan Osmond, Monika Kramlik, Julian Kepski, Tom Higgins
Music: Trilla …

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