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Kevin Langeree // Caught in a 50 knot storm!

Kevin Langeree was caught in a storm at home, with 50 knots and tons of rain. Watch the video! “I knew there was going to be a lot of wind today. After a couple jumps and kite loops a big rain cloud came by and toke with it like 50 knots and tons of rain. I had to stop and lay in the water to wait till the cloud was gone. It was pretty crazy. Luckily nothing crazy had happened.” says Kevin.


DEFI KITE Gruissan 2016 – 300 kitesurfers vs 50 knots Tramontana

With the Tramontane wind up to 50 knots, 300 kitesurfers from all over France came together in Gruissan to participate in the Defi Kite 2016 race. Watch here the highlights of this years event! Défi Kite 2016 | Top 3 Men 1. Axel Mazzela 2. Theo de Ramecourt 3. Alexandre Caizergues Women 1. Alexia Fancelli 2. Marie Gautron 3. Nadine Poncept

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