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Starboard SUP

Starboard SUP Starshot Board Construction

Starshot Construction Starshot is one of Starboards most popular entry-level constructions as it combines Starboard quality at an attractive price. The deck provides a ¾ 2mm crocodile-skin textured deck pad for added comfort. Starshot boards are available in either a blue or red graphic design. Starshots use a compression-molded construction to offer extra hard, strong…

Action Camille Juban Windsurfing

Camille Juban & Antoine Martin

#Best of Windsurfing 2020, #4k, #Windsurfing, #tutorial Windsurfing 2020, #top Windsurfing 2020. Camille Juban & Antoine Martin – Extreme Windsurfing at Ho’okipa Maui Antoine Martin NICK NAME: Titoun DIVISION: Wave TOP RESULTS: 5th PWA world cup Event “France” CURRENT IWT RANKING: None REGISTERED EVENTS: IWT Maui SPONSORS: Neilpryde, MFC fins, Etra Ingegnerie, Windy Sails, ADF…

foil Hydrofoiling Manöver Neil Pryde Windsurfing

Foil Guide #12

Yentel Caers teaches you how to do an upwind 360 on the foil. Including tips and tricks for freestyle/freefoil boards and also for wider, performance foil boards. Rider: Yentel Caers B-16 : Christian Walter Producer & Editor & Special Effects: c:dubfilms Location: Harry Nass Dahab – Hurghada #jpaustralia #jp_australia_com #neilprydefoils #neilpryde #foilguide Source: NeilPryde

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