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Air Games Fehmarn – The final GKA Kiteboarding World Tour stop of the season

The final GKA Kiteboarding World Tour stop of this season will take place in Fehmarn, Germany, from 24th-28th August. The stage is set / Photo: Act Agency This weekend will see the final fixture of the 2018 GKA Kiteboarding World Tour kick off in Fehmarn, Germany; one of Germany’s most popular kiting destinations that’s played host to some legendary kiteboarding World Tour events over the years. The GKA Cabarete podium placers / Photo: Genesis Reyes After a stunning event in Cabarete last month, where Carlos Mario topped the men’s division podium for the first time this season, Jesse Richman still holds the overall lead but there’s only 33 points between him and Carlos who was near-faultless in both the single and double elimination finals. Whichever of the riders wins in Fehmarn will take the title so it’s going to be a tense event for them both! Jesse in Tarifa / Photo: Toby Bromwich Jesse’s been ultra-strong at the last two events in Tarifa and Cabarete, and the mixture of big air and technical freestyle that this tour demands of the riders certainly suits his riding style, but a summer event in Europe could potentially spell light winds and Jesse himself …


GKA Air Games Cabarete 2018 – The Battle for the Best Trick

The Big Send-off Session in Cabarete Paul Serin – Board-off board spin and product placement on point With the main even wrapped up yesterday, today it was all about the Best Trick competition. The riders would be released on to the water one at a time, with the chance to go for one old school trick and one wakestyle / new school manoeuvre to make up their score. There were two real standout riders in the men’s division – Luis Alberto Cruz and Carlos Mario. Carlos was going bigger than anyone and landed a beautifully clean ‘sent’ triple handlepass and he was gunning hard for a final shot at some glory after such a strong showing in the double eliminations. Luis Alberto Cruz goes for his triple handlepass – and sticks it! However, Carlos Mario then exploded on to the water with a kiteloop nine (a trick that could easily score him a ten from the judges in any heat) and then he landed a tweaked, clean double front roll board-off to follow up. High scoring tricks in both the new school and old school categories. Nobody match him today! Carlos ‘The Unbeaten Bebe’ Mario The men and women were …


GKA Air Games Cabarete 2018 – Day Two

The GKA Air Games Cabarete takes flight. Today was flat-out from the start and stacked with heats at the GKA Air Games Cabarete as 38 riders battled through the single-eliminations powered by the super-consistent Cabarete conditions. After yesterday’s slow start, the riders were eager to get moving and the men’s division was up first with a posse of talented local riders taking to the water for the first time on the GKA Kiteboarding World Tour, all of them out to represent on home turf! Hilario the home town hero Robinson Hilario was impressive from the beginning, blending big airs with old school flair before switching to his wakestyle board with boots and stomping powered technical passes. This was a tactic we’d regularly see throughout the day, with riders making sure they’d racked up some high scoring, unhooked tricks before heading back to shore and going out with their strapped board and sending some airs (or vise versa). In round two, the first riders began to drop and some of the tour’s top riders hit the water for the first time. Jesse Richman struck hard with a huge double half cab and Carlos Mario, who took third in Tarifa, exploded into …


GKA Air Games Cabarete 2018 – Day One

Riders on the storm on Day One of the mais event window. Women’s tour leader Mikaili Sol focusing in at this morning’s skippers meeting. The main event window officially opened yesterday as the the last remnants of a dramatic tropical storm that had raged through the night blew out to sea. Thankfully, the thunder and lightning ceased by mid-morning but the turbulent weather wasn’t going anywhere and Cabarete’s natural cross-on wind direction was skewed, with the wind blowing a little more side-offshore than usual. Couple that with the residual clouds that were stopping a thermal effect from building and it meant that the wind never quite hit full competition strength but, if you had a big kite, it was ‘go time’ all the same and a number of the riders were out warming up on their bigger kite sizes throughout the day. Marius Hoppe Adeuri Corniel Nisael Gomez Variable conditions are a fact of life in competitive kiteboarding, and they don’t just pose a challenge for the riders either. We caught up with race director Sergio Cantagalli to get a bit of background on the conditions we can expect this week (spoiler alert: the forecast looks solid!) and tour manager …


GKA Air Games Cabarete 2018 – Registration Day

The Air Games riders converge on Cabarete for Stop Three of the KBWT Barely a week after the Air Games took flight for the very first time in Tarifa, the riders will be back in action this week at the Air Games Cabarete 2018 which is taking place at the Cabarete Kite Fest from July 9 – 15th! Tour number three Carlos Mario and women’s number four Gina Binh will be out to push further up the podiums this week! 39 riders from around the world have registered for the event – 26 men and 13 women – with a solid field of competitors ranging from former World Champions to hard-hitting local rippers as well as some of the most promising up-and-comers in the sport. Roll up and sign on the line! Cabarete has a long, proud history of hosting world class kiteboarding events and the steady, thermic winds are a constant feature of this iconic kiting location but another thing it’s known for is its pool of formidable talent! Adeuri Corniel is just one of the local chargers who’ll be out to rep the Dom Rep this week! This is one of the true kiteboarding hotspots, churning out top …


Jeep Tarifa Pro 2018 Final Day – Jesse Richman and Mikaili Sol win the Air Games

The first Air Games winners take the stage in Tarifa on the final day of the Jeep Tarifa Pro. The first order of Sunday business, the last day of the Jeep Tarifa Pro, was to complete the women’s KSWT strapless freestyle contest. Local specialist Carla Herrera Oria had stamped her authority on the discipline with the win over a stoked Johanna Catarina from Sweden and Charlotte Carpentier from France. This pure strapless freestyle discipline (rather than wave riding, which this tour also incorporates) is yet to fully blossom for the women and this was the first time that enough women had registered for a pure strapless freestyle event for them to have their own ladder, which was great to see! Carla managed to land a board-off, a one footer, an air reverse, a back roll foot switch combination and some good big airs as well. AIR GAMES The GKA Kiteboarding World Tour Air Games hasn’t had the easiest start since inception this year. The first event at the Mondial du Vent in Leucate had no wind; the first time that event at that spot in France hasn’t had wind in 20 years! This week Tarifa kept us waiting until the …

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