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Sam Light – An Ode to the Journey

A sick video starring Sam Light showing all his style and technique along the years. It’s a video with loads of tricks by the 2017 Champion of the KPL, for the second year in a row. Footage: Courtesy of Patrick Wieland Videos: THE GORGE DISTINCTION WELCOME AWAY


Rhosneigr Park Jam 2017 – Day 2

Highlights from Day 2 at the Rhosneigr Park Jam 2017, in North Wales! Although North Wales is cold, the weather has been delivering for us at the last stop of the KPL tour. Rhosneigr Park Jam has had two perfect days amongst the rock islands on the south side of the bay. With the mens & womens preliminary and dingle eliminations complete, the finals will run in the next couple days. Riders meeting at 8am today and looks like morning action could be the call. Awesome standard of riding from all of the competitors and free riders. Tom Bridge was the stand out yesterday, stomping a frontside 900 off the Poseidon Kite School kicker!


2017 Spornado Hood Jam Day 7

The final day of the Spornado Hood Jam 2017 comes to a close with a ceremony to top them all. The suspense has been mounting for a few days to see the scores and celebrate the winners. With the strong gusty wind this week, it was incredible to watch riders pull off some very technical tricks. Brandon Scheid took the cake for the men as many had guessed after watching his heat. His amplitude was massive while keeping himself under full composer. To seal the deal, he scored a 7.5 on each kicker with a Backmobe 5 and a Moby Dick 5 to set himself almost 2 full points above the second place Ewan Jaspan. Ewan cleanly stomping a Toeside Backside 720 and a nose grab Heelside Backside 540 on the kickers to secure his spot on the podium one step above last year’s 3rd place finish. He has been having a great year so far making 3 out of 3 podiums in the Kite Park League tour. Noe Font brought a strong slider and kicker game to finals day to set up solid scores across the board. His gap Backside 270 to 50-50 tail press to Frontside 360 out …


2017 Spornado Hood Jam Day 6

The winds were blowing and the riders were frothing. The King and Queen of the Kicker contest was run at sunset during the golden hour on Thursday. Toby Bromwich and Vincent Bergeron were posted and ready for hours capturing the finest moments. The wind was patchy and strong, leaving the Hood River locals to dominate the scene. Brandon Scheid was notable, yet again, with the only toeside backside 900 off the Slingshot kicker on the right side tack. He didn’t take too many hits, but he made each one count. After riding away clean, he perched himself atop the kicker while watching the other men hit the left-footed Full Sail Session kicker. The girls were attempting new tricks and coming close to landing some which have never been done. Annelous Lammerts was trying a Pete Rose, Sensi Graves a Blind Pete, and Colleen Carroll a Tantrum to Blind. However, Lindsay McClure came through in the last minutes with a crowmobe off the Session Kicker. She was going for a Backmobe on the bigger kicker but wasn’t able to stomp it in the allotted amount of time. Along with spending copious amounts of time on the water, the athletes have been …


2017 Spornado Hood Jam Day 5

Finals day madness rained down on the Slider Project Park as the winds varied between 15 and 32 mph today. The competitors took to the water at noon to set their strategies and test out the wind conditions of the day. The women constantly switched between 7m and 9m kites while the men were on 9m and 11m throughout the day depending on the length and style of feature. The riders went through the entire park again with 3 hits and 1 pass for each feature to compete to be the champion of Spornado Hood Jam 2017. A few riders braved through the gusts to pull out extremely clean technical tricks on the 2 kickers and 3 sliders. Hood River local, Brandon Scheid rode in the spotlight yet again as he laid down consistent hits on all the obstacles including a backmobe 5 on the slingshot kicker. Craig Cunningham stomped a gap backside 360 pass over the Cabrinha rail to set him apart from the competition. In the gusty wind, it was a risky trick which paid off and received loud support from the beach. Known for his grabs, Ewan Jaspan has a melon grab toeside backside 720 and a …


2017 Spornado Hood Jam Day 4

A long beautiful day at the beach today for all the riders and their die hard fans with winds gradually increasing till sunset. As the wind filled in the park, the competitors geared up for one last feature before the first round was complete. The North Kiteboarding rooftop rail. Quickly after, the judges tallied up the scores to give the result of a ticket to the final, a second chance in the dingle, or the end of Spornado Hood Jam 2017. The top 6 men and 4 women moved on to the next round while 9 men and 5 women had to battle it out for the last 3 spots in the final round. Eric Reinstra, Craig Cunningham, and Rich Sabo claimed the top spots in the second round along with Katie Potter and they will all continue to compete in the Spornado Hood Jam finals tomorrow. Rich stomped 3 backside 540s in a row on the Full Sail Session kicker and a melon grab frontside 540 on the Slingshot kicker. Craig showcased his experience on the sliders and pulled out some steezy combinations. On the North rooftop he linked a frontside board slide to a frontside 270 over the …

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