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Francisco Lufinha is getting closer to Mainland

After an excellent start in Ponta Delgada and after some delay related to the lack of wind in the first days, Francisco Lufinha and Anke Brandt continue their adventure in the Portuguese sea, with the objective of connecting the Azores to the Continent. With more than 350km traveled in the last 5 days, the team is just over 1000km from the final goal and in the last two days they were finally blessed with wind, which allowed them to aim and decrease the distance to the continent. September 7th was, in the words of Francisco Lufinha: “Spectacular, always on the go.” After a windless night, assured by Anke, I got into the sea at 09h30 and got enough wind to lift the kite and resume the hydrofoil crossing. During the afternoon the wind stabilized at the 16 knots, direction East / Northeast. The afternoon was secured by Anke, who entered the race board, however, we had to head slightly south to be able to maintain the speed ” Source: Photo Credits: Kitesurf Odyssey


Record holder Francisco Lufinha just started his challenge heading Mainland

Francisco Lufinha just started the ultimate odyssey over a journey of more than 1500 km between the Azores and mainland. Lufinha left today at 2:00 p.m., from Ponta Delgada, on the island of São Miguel, with his team and also the German record holder Anke Brandt, with whom he will share miles in intercalated shifts. This departure was followed by many Micaelenses who gathered in the Marina of Ponta Delgada to watch this moment that is predicted to set a historical mark in the nautical sport world. Moments before departing Lufinha was very confident “I’m looking forward to lifting the kite and starting the biggest odyssey of my life. It’s not going to be easy, it never is, but we will make it. “Anke Brandt said she was dazzled by the Azorean islands. “Visiting the Azores was an unbelievable experience. All the sea life I encountered during the days when we were training on the islands gave me extra energy to overcome this challenge, “said the German record holder. In addition to the most varied obstacles (variations of wind, waves and clouds), the Azores – Mainland connection requires even more bravery from the athletes, since, for example, in case of …

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