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Approaching the Championship Deciding Heats – GKA Finals Mauritius

After a late start on Sunday, the decision was made to push ahead with round three in the men’s division with some tough draws and big heats from the off. 

 Keahi won the first heat of the day against Marvin Louis in which he scored the only barrel of the day before Willow-Rivers Tonkin-Shakes got the biggest applause so far from a stoked home crowd after beating Moroccan rider Ismail Adarzane. Ismail stormed out to meet Willow in heat 19 but couldn’t make up the lost time in his heat quick enough / Photo: @Surfkitephoto Willow was ripping as ever but also enjoyed a pressure-free first half of the heat due to Ismail missing the start and losing himself valuable time to rack up a decent wave count. 

Experienced competitor Sandro Pisu then put together a consistent, steady performance against Oswald Smith in the third heat of the day, selecting his waves well and always positioning himself right on the incoming swell before Matchu Lopes secured his route to round four after beating Tarifan ripper Gustavo Arrojo in the fourth heat (heat 20). 

 One of the best top turns in the game? Matchu in round three / Photo: …

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