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Leucate Kiteboarding Grand Slam – Day Three

Day three kicked off with a false start, both riders and crew were down the beach before sunrise only to find the conditions weren’t as per the forecast. There was practically no wind, although locals reassured everyone it would pick up some still remained skeptic. By ten o’clock however the wind did pick up and things got underway at ten forty five. There was lots of ground to cover, with a pretty terrible looking forecast for the rest of the week, the plan was to get as much finished today as possible. Riders and crew spent until eight o’clock on the beach in one of the longest days on tour record! Round one saw the first stacked heat of the day with the returning Whaley up against Neto and Spiessberger. Any doubts about Whaleys fitness were quickly put aside as Whaley dealt out a technically solid heat with one of the largest Crowmobe 540s of the day, sending him straight to the third round. On the Womens side newcomer and local rider Valesa had a difficult round one match up with Novotna. Valesa was going big and riding powered however Novotna had the experience in this situation and took her …


Leucate Kiteboarding Grand Slam – Day One

The first day of the Mondial Du Vent saw a total of 60 riders from 19 different countries gathered for the opening ceremony in celebration of competing in one of the worlds longest running Kiteboarding events. Mondial Du Vent is literally the “festival of the wind”, every year promoting Kiteboarding as it’s main event, front and center. Even though there was little chance for wind today the tension between the athletes was high. With a return to competition for Liam Whaley and rumors circulating about Adeuri Corniel (Ariel Corniels younger brother) riding at a very high level, it’s clear that this competition will be exciting for both the spectators and top seeded men alike. On the Womens side of the draw there was a noticeable absence of Karolina Winkowska (last events winner), which surprised a few riders, there was however the addition of a few riders not present at the last event. Dioneia Vieira, Francesca Bagnoli, Mika Sol are three such Women and they will no doubt push hard to fill the gap left by Winkowska and give the already top seeded women something to fight for. Mika Sol from Brazil is competing in her very first championship event, with …

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