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Susi Mai

MaiTai Freestyle Invitational Cabarete 2016 – Day Five

A day of high intensity action from the windy shores of Cabarete! Day Five was action – packed as we managed to blast our way all the way to round 4 for both the men and women, meaning that tomorrow is the big day, with both finals planned to start at 3pm local time. Stand out perfomances were given by many riders, but the ones who fought their way into tomorrow’s six man final were Alex Neto, Liam Whaley, Alex Pastor, Carlos Mario, and two local riders Luis Alberto Cruz and Adeuri Corniel who performed exceptionally! Big congratulations also to those riders who made it into the mini final, which were Jerome Cloetens, David Tonijuan, Posito Martinez and Antoine Fermon. For the ladies, there was a very tough battle between each of the girls in order to gain one of the four spots available in tomorrow’s final. The four girls who made it were Bruna Kajiya, Estefania Rosa, Hannah Whiteley and Paula Novotna. Our live stream was running all day long, with rider interviews, live commentary from our top riders, and coverage of every heat. Tomorrow we will once again be live for the finals, streaming from our facebook page, …

Susi Mai

Maitai Cabarete Freestyle Invitational 2016 – Day Four

Day Four was full of action as the men and women fought hard and strong to gain their place higher up the competition ladder. Round One was completed for the men, and two complete heats were finished for the Women. The new competition format sees 6 men compete during one single heat, with only one competitor allowed to do their trick at a time, to guarantee the full focus of the judges. The riders are given 7 trick attempts, of which the 4 highest scoring tricks count. Although this means longer heats, it also means fans and spectators are able to follow the scoring clearly on our live scoreboard, and riders are able to see exactly how many points they need in order to beat their opponents. Heat number one saw Spanish rider Alex Pastor and Austrian rider Stefan Spiessberger fight hard for the top two positions, putting them directly into Round Three. Set Teixera from Brasil and and local rider Greidy Martinez followed them in 3rd and 4th position, which puts them into Round Two. French rider Antoine Fermon was delighted to gain a position in the main event yesterday and then also storm through his heat taking second …


Maitai Cabarete Freestyle Invitational 2016 – Day Three

The action gets underway at the Maitai Freestyle Invitational Cabarete 2016! Day three of the MaiTai Freestyle Invitational Cabarete 2016 was a great success in terms of riding, spectators and fan engagement! We had an amazing day of wind, blowing an average of 18 knots through out most of the heats. The Men’s trials were all successfully completed as well as the first heat of the Women’s main event. One of the most exciting elements of the day was the activation of our live stream. As it was one of the elements that has been greatly missed by our fans, we were delighted to have an amazing media team here on location to make this happen. Be sure to tune in again tomorrow via our facebook page from 11.30 am onwards to watch all the action, rider interviews and get a glimpse of the Cabarete lifestyle! During the morning skipper’s meeting, riders were also invited to a presentation of all the MaiTai Global members, together with the WKL Crew. This is the perfect example of how the MaiTai Cabarete Freestyle Invitational is more than just another Kite event, but is union of entrepreneurs and athletes, and a perfect example of …

Susi Mai

Maitai Cabarete Freestyle Invitational – Day One and Two

The first day of the event saw an important meeting for the riders to discuss the implementation of the new competition format. This is a process that has been worked on hard by the judging team and the board of the KRU, and they are looking forward to getting started immediately with it. At the end of day one all the riders were invited to LAX Bar and Restaurant for the event registration, dinner and a presentation of the crew and organization. Susi Mai and Bill Tai from Maitai Global gave a great talk about their personal motivation to organize this wonderful event, and Danny Galiart, CEO of the World Kiteboarding League also spoke about the origins of the new Tour. There are 30 men and 12 women registered for the event, of over 10 different nationalities. On day two, the winds of Cabarete unfortunately failed to arrive with enough force to get through many of the heats. There were various attempts to get the the trials underway, but the wind did not play ball, and eventually the Race Director called off the heats until tomorrow, after completing only the first heat of the trials. It was local rider Lorenzo …

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