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2012 Best TS video

The TS is the name for the upgraded and revised Taboo. Best Kiteboarding taken the original Taboo concept and brought it even closer to perfection. The TS has more low end grunt, better slack line feel and faster turn initiation. It might the perfect k…


F-One Bandit 5 Kite Launch

An overview of the all new F-One Bandit 5 kite for 2012. This video was filmed over the first week of September 2011 at the International distributors meeting at Le Morne in Mauritius, and offers some insight of the Bandit 5′s design and areas of improvement over last season’s model. The video also features an […]


Flexifoil Stormchaser

For 2012 Flexifoil released a new kite, the Stormchaser. This kite will be available only in one size, 5.5m. From what Flexi describes this will be the kite to pump when storms arrive. The Flexifoil Stormchaser is based in the ION 5 ans was developed for precision flying in high winds, taking highwind kite performance […]


Ride With Us: BEST 2012

2012 Team shoot from BEST Kiteboarding. Shot on location in Hatteras. Film and edit, Miguel Willis, rides and slides BEST Global and National teams. Check out as the team put the GP C-kite, new TS kite, Kahoona v4 and + as well as the HP v3 to the test with the Profanity, Armada, KB-Signature and […]


2012 Flexifoil ID Hadlow Kite

After all the kite that we said that was the new Hadlow Pro is a new model that Flexifoil will have for the 2012 season. This new kite will be on the same C hybrid category as the Ozone C4 and the Naish Park. Basically these kites offer the benefits of the C kites but […]

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