Do you think you are out of shape? Or maybe you would like to improve your performance? Be able to surf and kitesurf for longer? Maybe you just want to progress in your favorite discipline?

Surf Body Soul is something you should definitely try. It is simple yet very effective way to improve your surfing. No matter if you are a beginner, intermediate or an advanced rider. Surf Body Soul is a professionally developed, uniquely focused surf workout series of programs created by Ryan Huxley, a physiotherapist, strength and conditioning coach, hatha yoga and pilates instructor.

The programs that Ryan created are a blend of the Surf Specific Conditioning excercises with yoga and pilates. They are fully tested by surfers and will help you shape up for your next surf session. You will be able to develop your core strength, flexibility, fitness and balance you need to take your surfing and kitesurfing to the next level.

The programs are very easy to follow, very well designed and will help you improve your surfing quickly and effectively. Each step-by-step program includes ebooks + audio track. Why not DVD you might ask? Ryan believes that studying the ebook while preparing for the workout will benefit you more than watching a video while you are snacking on your coach.

There is a number of different and carefully tailored programs:
Beginner Program
Intermediate Program
Advanced Program
Combination Pack
Professional Program

We will start with the Surfbodysoul Beginner Program. We already tried it out and yes, it works!

It will give you a perfect starting point and help you gradually build your core strength, increase your flexibility and strengthen specific muscles.

This beginner program is designed for those who do not complete a regular Yoga, Pilates or stretching practice. You should practice 3-5 times per week for excellent results but if you do it 2 times a week you will be able to see considerate improvements.

The exercises inspired by yoga will allow you to warm up and also increase your flexibility. This will improve you performance and reduce risk of injury.

Pilates helps support and protect your lower back, pelvis and hip joints, gives greater core strength, power and speed through your turns and helps you control your board and kite better.

Last but not least Surf Specific Conditioning builds yours strength, power, flexibility and endurance.

This program can be completed without any specific and expensive equipment. A yoga mat, a leash and a rolled up towel will be enough. Plus anything that weighs 2 kgs. If within 30 days you are not happy with the results you will get a full refund.

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We will be featuring the intermediate and advanced program shortly. Stay tuned! I think I will shut down my computer now and work out a little bit. See you on the water!