Carsten says: STOP SUCKING! Here’s why and what you can do about it…

Many plastic straws end up in our ocean, polluting water and harming sea life.

What can I do?
Join the movement… #StopSucking For A Strawless Ocean

Here’s how you can participate:

– publish a picture or video on Facebook or Instagram of you with your strawless drink
– Explain in the picture or video caption why you don’t need a plastic straw
– Hashtag: #stopsucking & don’t forget to tag either @starboardsup or @starboardwindsurf
– We will pick two winners every week & announced via Instagram Live Feed

Winners will receive cool Starboard eco-product hampers which includes the following:

1) Starboard bamboo cutlery set
2) Starboard ‚Do You Still Suck?‘ tee
3) Bamboo straws for you & your friends

*The campaign will run from Friday, March 8th through to Friday, March 29th.
**Starboard will draw 2 winners each week via an Instagram Live draw at Taco Lake.

Visit our website and learn about how Starboard is leading the way in developing a sustainable SUP industry.

#starboardsup #sustainability

Source: Starboard SUP