After some days with bad weather forecast 51 enthousiastic riders opened the Speed Worldcup in Gruissan which was held from 17th to 22nd of April.

On day one the wind strength was good, but not the direction and a swell of 2 meter waves as well. The race officer decided that he couldn’t guarantee the safety of the riders, so he canceled the race for that day. On Tuesday, the wind was not very strong, around 14 knots, so they planned a slalom race. 14 riders were ready to join the funrace but when the course was all set up the wind dropped to 8 knots, so no more races on that day.

On Wednesday, the wind was strong enough to open the course, so we had a counting round. We had a lot of positive comments, a beautiful day and the following results:

Results men top 5:

1. David Garrel

2. Thorsten Mallon (NorthSails, PD)

3. Patrick Van Hoof

4. Wilfried Vanherweghe

5. Alain Degendt

For teamrider Thorsten, who is now on 2nd place within the European Speed Ranking this is a good basis for the next event in Sweden in June. Congratulations!