Here it is the 2012 Slingshot Fuel

The 2012 version of one the most popular kites hit the web and soon will be available for selling.
The new 2012 Slingshot Fuel has again been given a tune up by the R&D team at Slingshot HQ.

The changes are as follows:

Split Struts – It’s back! and back for good not to sound too cheesy, but this is a feature that I myself have been begging slingshot to put back into their kites for years, we first saw it in the Slingshot fuel long time ago in 2004, which was the first year for one pump too. Back then the process for split strut was very costly and time consuming so it was decided to end production, well now for 2012 the new Slingshot fuel has it back on the kite. This greatly enhances the strength of the kite hugely and offer less drag to help the kite fly even faster than the past Fuels.

Another thing you will notice is the canopy of the kite is very tight this year, this was first done on the Slingshot RPM 2011 and has been very well received so they have added this feature to the Fuel 2012.

The affect this has is it offers the rider a smoother feel in the gusty conditions due to the kite having a lot less movement in the canopy so you don’t feel the arm wrenching gusts in the wind any more. Also it helps to keep the canopy shape in the light winds producing less drag and this helps with the low end power of the kite.

Also the wing tips have got a lot more rip stop nylon in them to make the kite lighter and again create less drag. This vastly improves the speed and feel of kite loops for 2012.