After the first 2 PWA Events of the year the Minds Wide Open crew thought it is time to catch up with Gollito Estredo about his results and future plans. See the full interview here:

Scoring a 2nd and 4th place at the first 2 Events of the year Gollito is currently sitting on 2nd place overall having still plenty of events left. Filming right now on his biggest Movie Project „Minds Wide Open“ he is getting ready for the Caribbean leg of the Tour were he will face the local Bonaire crew to maintain all chances for his world champion campaign.

Q: We have seen the first 2 Events of the year already. What do you think about the actual Freestyle Level?
A: The freestyle level went up a lot. We see lots of new people enter the PWA and some of the older people leave the PWA Tour. We always have about 5 people at each event who can win and then a big group who fight for the places after and still can surprise and reach Top Rankings too.

Q: So far we have seen Kiri and Steven win Events in Vietnam and Podersdorf. What are the chances of you fighting back and reaching the top spot?
A: I see my chance to get back on top, but i need to wait for my conditions. Vietnam and Podersdorf are nice but special Events. I think the upcoming Events suit me better.

Q: Did you analyze any Mistakes you may have done?
A: Vietnam was quite close and I had good heats. Maybe in one of the finals I should have used a bigger sail but the wind was very up and down and with the new freestyle approach we tend to use smaller sails. In Podersdorf it was very cold the majority of the time but the last day was just too cold for me!

Q: How do you prepare for the Caribbean Event?
A: Right now I am in Egypt training every day dependent on the wind. I try to improve my sailing and most of all have fun. It is very important to get Top Results in Bonaire and Aruba so that I have a good chance for the year ranking.

Q: Any new strategies for your upcoming events?
A: Not really. My focus is to get my moves higher and faster and double them if possible. That is what brings the high scores on flat water Events.

Q: You say that you have also filmed a new movie. What can we expect?
A: Yes, we work on ‘Minds Wide Open’. I was not on the first Wave Trips so we started with freestyle here in Egypt. Basti and Sumsi brought lots of new Camera Gear. I saw some of the clips from CapeVerde, Maui and here and the quality looks amazing. I have a good feeling that the movie is going to be very impressive.

Q: Any other freestyle destinations planned for the movie?
A: Yes we will have one more to fit in but we haven’t decided on where exactly yet. We will be looking for a spot were I can jump and do some more radical air moves. Lets just wait and see…

Thanks Gollito for your Time and Good Luck!

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