How to read the computer model below.

As stated by Kevin Trejo “unfortunately none of the wind forecast sites take into consideration the local thermal, Venturi and Bernoulli effect the local mesa and surrounding mountains have on the wind right at PSC! You can just about add 10 to 15 MPH to any of the NW wind forecasts!”

That sounds good to us.

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Swell Forecast Looks Promising:

Another system appears to be peaking this morning southeast of New Zealand with similarly sized seas, but located almost 1000 miles farther away than the French poly system. This alone would bring waist+ sets to south facing breaks in SoCal on the 30th, coming in from around 210°. The 102h+ models though show this one reforming into a much bigger system once it nears Easter Island, which would throw bigger surf at SoCal for the 31st. Angle on the reformed swell however would be around 175°, making it tough for some breaks to pull it in. Those that can could see shoulder high swell. Still need a few more days though to see how this unfolds.