Twenty Four windsurfers of different ages and skill levels met in Aalborg Harbour for the first ever windsurfing race in a major Danish city. The harbour waters are so clean that people are welcome to swim there.

The races took place just next to the Aalborg Harbour swimming pool. Lots of spectators enjoyed the action and the warm and sunny day.

Among the participants were youngest sailor Nicklas Borgen (13) and the two former Slalom Junior World Champions Sebastian Kornum and Christian Justesen. Nicklas impressed the crowds by winning the silver final after pumping his way from fourth to first place.

The Danish national RS:X coach Jacob Karstoft was at the event, and Karstoft said after the race „We came for the fun and because we wanted to see the new RS:One in a race with kids and adults racing together. I am very impressed with the RS:One and I look forward to working with it professionally. We see it as a real potential project for development of our future talents in the Danish Sailing Association, and already this fall we will start up with camps and regattas. I enjoyed the City Race a lot, and I am sure there will be many more participants next year“.

Nine RS:One boards and sails were rigged and ready for the windsurfers who just showed up with their harness and floatation vests. Nine Heats of 8-9 racers were run before Nine racers were ready for the final.

After three laps, Sebastian Kornum had a clear lead ahead of RS:X talent Tobias Kronborg, but right before the final jibe, Sebastian snapped his outhaul. Big drama for the spectators who saw Kronborg winning the event. Sebastian: „Of course I was quite upset when it snapped, but after all, the main thing about the city race is to have fun, and we certainly had fun all day!“