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Windsurfing is a form of sailing, where a board is powered across the water by the wind.
Polynesians have been using boards with sails for hundreds of years. It wasn’t until the 1960s that windsurf board design really developed and it became the sport we know today.
Unlike surfing, windsurfing uses the wind to propel forward while surfing uses the force of waves.
This means you can practice the sport anywhere with a big body of water and wind, such as lakes, rivers, estuaries and, of course, the open ocean.
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NoveNove Aloha Classic 2016 – Pro Men highlight video
The 2016 NoveNove Aloha Classic was a fantastic wave event with big conditions. Double mast high waves challenged the best wave windsurfers at Ho’okipa. The Maui locals and Maui residents dominated the event in the men’s pro fleet in 2016. In the end it was a really tight battle between Brazilian Marcilio Browne and US boy Kevin Pritchard. Kevin won the super final and for the first time the Aloha Classic wave title.
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1. Broach – So Close (Non-Copyrighted Rock)
2. Emergent – Scream With Me (Non Copyrighted Rock)
3. Fivefold – All Of Me (Non-Copyrighted Rock)
4. Onlap – The Awakening (Non Copyrighted Rock)
5. Copyright Free Music [Rock-Metal] – This Ain’t The End Of Me – White Comic
6. The Fallen State – Sons Of Avarice (Non Copyrighted Rock)

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