Polish kitesurfer takes on challenge of crossing Baltic Sea on his kite – for a total distance of 90 nautical miles over 15 hours of sailing.

Janek Lisewski is going for the sole cruise across the Baltic Sea, from Świnoujście to Ystad (Sweden), in July 2011. Such a feat requires Iron Man alike shape and hundreds hours of training.

Janek’s main goal is to show that kitesurfers, just like mountaineers, can achieve impressive feats. Achieving what was previously deemed to be impossible, setting new trends and directions, showing that one can overcome it’s weaknesses. Comparison to mountaineering is not coincidental. Janek is already planning new challenges in the Mediterranean, Red Sea and Aegean Sea. Those are popular kitesurfing destinations and were not chosen randomly.

Lone kitesurfer’s goal is also drawing public attention to a fairly niche sport, especially from potential sponsors and the polish government. Kitesurfing has currently no media presence versus other sailing sports in Poland while there are over 5 thousand active kitesurfers there. Polish pro riders score very high at international Events and Cup on regular basis.

Polish gear manufacturers are global market leaders. Polish instructors have a very good reputation world wide. Polish kitesurfing industry is a big success that is nearly unknown in Poland itself.

The lonely kitesurfing voyage starts in Świnoujscie or nearby, to be continued towards the shores of Sweden around Ystad area. The whole journey should take around 12 to 15 hours. Passing 90 nautical miles is a big challenge that requires extremely good physical shape, mental preparation and weather condition. Janek Lisewski has been preparing himself for many months now. It is also worth to mention that the expedition budget is funded entirely by Janek himself based on his own savings.