What you see before you is a brain-bending, altered state of hyper-reality and the kaleidoscopic future of windsurfing. The 2011 sails are pure-cut adrenalin, eye-poppin‘ candy on a stick. Their hypnotic beauty runs deeper than the skin; a radical new development in construction technology ensures your new sails will stay beautiful, vibrant and age more gracefully than you do. And if you like what you see you’re gonna love what they do. The performance shift is a mind-blow, but it’s not a dream. The 2011 range is re-mastered to take you to a „feel-good happy place“ faster and more efficiently than ever before. Discover more at: http://www.neilpryde.com/index.php?option=com_npproducts&view=all&year=2011&Itemid=78

Source: NeilPryde