The NeilPryde Hellcat impressed the SURF tester in the freeride 7.2 no-cam sail test and won. SURF is talking about the Hellcat as a classic freeride sail. The sail is easy to trim and you can ride it in all conditions very well. Because of its well balanced abilities it’s an all rounder in the freeride class.

SURF about the Hellcat:
„The sail planes easily, stays stable and is lightweight in your hands.  In strong wind conditions the Hellcat has lots of power and stays controllable.

Once it is tuned very flat, you can ride fast Freerace boards.  In maneuvers the Hellcat rotates very smoothly, is neutral and lightweight.“

SURF recommendation:
„The Hellcat works with several board types, from the comfortable freeride board up to the sportive freerace board. It always offers great manoeuvrability and performance. The Hellcat is very fast when going straight and is stable in jibes.“

Source: SURF 6#2011 – No-Cam-Freeridesegel 7,2