Last weekend was Queensday in Holland, a largely celebrated public holiday throughout the whole country of the Netherlands. There’s music concerts, festivals, performances and parades everywhere, and by tradition everybody dresses in orange. This year Mystic decided to take part in this madness and took over a full street, from side to side and end to end, and threw a massive party for everybody that would pass by. At least… that was the plan, but there was no chance ‚passing by‘ this street! Everybody who managed to come through kept hanging around till the very end of the night. Mystic joined the orange tradition with our limited edition orange trucker caps that we threw around all day, as you can see on the pictures above. Thank you Amsterdam for the great atmosphere all day and all night! We had a blast! Maybe it’s time we start throwing parties like this more often… We liked it, and we’re ready to throw some more now! Any ideas where our next party should be held?

Photo credits Ivo de Bruijn and Justin Nan

Mystic represent at Queensday in the Netherlands