Mika Sol

How do you sum up 2022?
2022 was definitely a wild ride as I not only got my fifth, but also my sixth world title. So definitely a memorable year, but also getting into the big air side of kiting was fun and opened my eyes to a new side of the sport.

How did the feeling of winning your sixth world title compare to the others? Which ones have been the hardest or meant the most?
It’s kinda hard to describe because winning my sixth worth title doesn’t feel so different to winning my fifth or my fourth, or even my third. I feel like my first two titles really stood out. The first one proved to myself that I could it and the second one showed that I could do it again; that it wasn’t a one off. Those first two were really special.

How do you feel going into the new season after just a short break?
After the comp in Brazil at the end of last season I took a break from freestyle and focussed more on big air. I didn’t take a break from kiting, but enjoyed focusing on something new, so feel good.

Source: https://www.gkakiteworldtour.com/mika-sol-defending-qatar-airways-gka-freestyle-kite-world-champion/