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Windsurfing is a form of sailing, where a board is powered across the water by the wind.
Polynesians have been using boards with sails for hundreds of years. It wasn’t until the 1960s that windsurf board design really developed and it became the sport we know today.
Unlike surfing, windsurfing uses the wind to propel forward while surfing uses the force of waves.
This means you can practice the sport anywhere with a big body of water and wind, such as lakes, rivers, estuaries and, of course, the open ocean.
1. Maui is also hove to many world class professional windsurfing athletes. many of whom have made Maui their base of training because of the year round conditions, and also spend much of the year traveling between events that are scattered around the world. many more windsurfers are retired professionals who have several generations of windsurfers, who continue to love the sport, and pass along their stoke for the sport. Now we are even seeing professional windsurfers as young as 9 and 10 years old competing locally, and also traveling to events too. Don’t be surprised when you see tons of famous pro-windsurfers at the local beaches and stores.
2. In Australia, windsurfing activities are largely concentrated in the western part of Australia. This is mainly because west Australia has a 12,000 kilometer coastline that offers some of the best windsurfing conditions. Virgin beaches, tall waves and strong wind conditions all make Australia a great favourite among surfers.
One of the premier locations for windsurfing in Australia is Lancelin. Situated to the north of Perth, Lancelin is a small fishing town that offers perfect conditions- flat water along with reef breaks. The greatest advantage of Lancelin is that it offers windsurfing conditions that are suitable for perfect amateurs as well as the most experienced surfers. However, the greatest claim to fame for Lancelin is its hugely renowned windsurfing marathon – the Lancelin Ocean Classic. This marathon is the biggest windsurfing event in Australia and eagerly awaited by windsurfers worldwide. Lancelin also hosts number of jumping and waveriding events.
Yet another famous windsurfing location in Australia is the Margaret River, south of Perth. However, unlike Lancelin that offers windsurfing conditions suitable for all levels of windsurfers, Margaret River is only for the expert windsurfers.
Yet another windsurfing destination around Perth is the town of Geraldton. The Coronation Beach, located to the north of Geraldton is the most popular windsurfing spot here. Surfers can practice jumping as well as wave surfing at the Coronation Beach.
While driving from Lancelin to Geraldton, there is another great windsurfing town – Cervantes. This town also attracts several windsurfers every year and is a good place to practice jumps. The combination of Cervantes and Jurien Bay is quite popular among windsurfers.
Although, Western Australia dominates the windsurfing scene, the New South Wales region too has its share of good windsurfing spots. One of these is Botany Bay near Sydney that offers flatwater windsurfing. Also, the Narrabeen Lakes offers great windsurfing conditions for beginners with its shallow waters.
There are host of windsurfing clubs across Australia like the Geraldton windsurfing club that help surfers of all levels to practice windsurfing as well as interact with several other windsurfers.
PWA World Cup windsurfer Oda Johanne is enjoying her training days in the Caribbean on Bonaire.
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